Gene Cotton currently works as a web developer, software engineer, graphic designer, and marketing expert for top companies in Orange County.

Starting in the early 90's, Gene Cotton began his career as a successful graphic designer. By the late 90's, Mr. Cotton had spread his skill set into web development and database design, landing an elite development seat for a top semiconductor manufacturing company, Rockwell Semiconductor. Rockwell eventually spun off its semiconductor and network access divisions creating Mindspeed Technologies and Jazz Networks. By the mid 2000's, Mr. Cotton decided it was time step up his game and focus on high-level web development, graphic design, and software engineering for elite organizations including the United States Department of Defense, the United States Food and Drug Administration, Bank of America, Lawrence Welk Resorts, and BJ's Restaurants. In addition to enterprise projects for massive corporate interests, Mr. Cotton has developed websites and brand identities for hundreds of small to medium-sized companies in locations all over the world.